API access for Weather data


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Thanks for the great work! I am trying to download weather data for sites to accompany the raw resource profiles. Is it possible to get some information on the API arguments/url to which I can mae the request?

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You’re right, we need to add this to the documentation. You need to ask for each MERRA2 weather variable name you want with a separate request parameter. See this example that requests T2M and PRECTOTLAND:


The rest of the parameters are as described in the documentation for the wind and PV API endpoints.

The complete list is of weather variable selection parameters is:

  • var_t2m
  • var_prectotland
  • var_precsnoland
  • var_snodp
  • var_rhoa
  • var_swgdn
  • var_swtdn
  • var_cldtot

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Is the parameter

  • var_snodp
    still valid? There is no snow depth any more in the weather parameter list, but there is snow mass available. Has the parameter changes?