Matching unlisted wind turbines to listed models?


I’m working with a list of wind turbine models showing up in US EIA generator data and finding several names with no obvious matches in the system.

Some may just be too rare or out of date to be worth adding, but then the problem is identifying the closest available model that is in the system.

Is there any practical way to match an unlisted turbine to a listed model based on power curve or other data (if the data is available)?


Hi Michael,

It sounds like you wish to create a list of “proxy” turbine models - so when you want to simulate a particular model which doesn’t have a known power curve, you know which model you could replace it with.

The most important features to match are the power density of the turbine, and the control method. The first is the rated capacity of the generator divided by the swept area of the blades - so for a Vestas V90 2000 turbine it would be 2000 kW divided by (pi * (90 metres / 2)2) = 0.314 kW per m2. The second is either pitch control (in most modern turbines) or stall control (in older and smaller models).

You could easily calculate the power density of the turbines we include, as the model names should always include the rotor diameter and the generator capacity. Knowing whether a model is pitch or stall control would require some web searching, but might be ok to assume they are just all pitch control.

Your other option would be that if you can find power curves for the extra turbines you wish to include (or at least the more common ones), then post here and we could include them into the ninja software for you.

Hope that helps!

Kind regards,


Thanks, that will be helpful as I get to the next step. I’m afraid some of the manufacturers are no longer around, but I should be able to muck my way through.

If I locate power curve data that seems worth adding, I’ll share it.