Dc/ac ratio and inverter losses

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Does anyone knows which is the DC/AC ratio and inverter losses that renewable ninja uses for their simulations?


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Dear Pgallegos, I had a similar question. I think the losses are 10% quoting from Pfenninger and Staffel 2016:

Additional losses are caused by the PV system’s components, primarily the inverter (which converts a panel’s DC output into AC power for on-site use or exporting to the power grid), and these are estimated with an additional static loss. In addition to temperature data, the DTI data contain DC and AC output. They therefore allow estimating inverter efficiencies. The mean efficiency across all sites is 0.90, with a standard deviation of 0.04. This suggests a reasonable assumption for inverter losses is 10%, which is used for all simulation results presented here

I think it is represented by the parameter system_loss : (https://github.com/renewables-ninja/gsee/blob/master/gsee/pv.py)

@IainStaffell @stefan @miguelfastudillo If the PV output calculated by Renewables Ninja reaches the panel capacity in several hours, that means you’re not considering a DC to AC Size Ratio, right? If a 1.2 DC to AC Size Ratio was considered, for example, a 1 DC kW panel would have its output limited to 0.83 AC kW.