IEC Wind Class point-based assessment


We are currently trying to use the API to integrate wind and solar capacity factor time series in our expansion planning model. While working with wind data, we encountered the following issue.

When retrieving point-based capacity factor data, a particular converter has to be specified. The converter selection is a rather sensitive thing as, for instance, choosing a wind turbine suited for a (IEC 61400) Class I wind in a point with Class III resource can lead to (drastically) underestimated capacity factors.

Of course, one way to circumvent this would be to pre-process the entire region of interest and retrieve the IEC wind classes per each node than use this information to select the appropriate turbine via the API. However, we were wondering whether any of you has faced this issue before and know any more elegant ways to properly select the converter without the need for pre-processing the same data a priori.


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