Reached API Requests Limits

I made a Python Script to retrieve wind series from multiple points with a loop. The thing is that the website has a request limit for registered users of 6/minute and 50/day. Yeah I reached the limit while debugging, even though I am registered.

Since the webmasters are on holiday, is there any of you that could borrow me his Token with unlimited access?

Dear Hector,

Just to clarify, the default API limit is 50 per hour, not 50 per day. Stefan has emailed you suggesting that we can raise this limit for your account.

We are slowly rolling out an ‘enhanced’ user status which raises the API rate limit to 200 requests per hour. Note that there is still a ‘burst limit’ in place of six requests per minute to protect our servers, meaning you must still space your requests apart by 10 seconds. I would love to offer a faster service for academics who want to perform large studies such as yours, but this is very difficult because of the costs of hosting our huge dataset.

There are no ‘unlimited access’ tokens though, even Stefan and I have to abide by the speed limits! I would also strongly advise people not to share their tokens - it is probably against the terms & conditions of the site…

Kind regards,

Thanks for the information. I understand that the servers should comply with these security standards.

Anyway this is not such a limitation for users. For those that use Python with the API you need ‘import time’ and time.sleep(10) to space the requests.