Regionally aggregated wind data #geographical #resolution


I’m in need of aggregated wind generation data in Germany on a reasonable geographical resolution level (100-1000 locations per country)…

How high is the point resolution on On the NASA Website I found the 0.5° latitude by 0.625° longitude. For Germany (51N 10,5E) that would translate to around 0,5111km=55,5km in latitute and around 0.62570km=43,6km in longitude. When I manually compare point calculations (with 20 km in distance) I get different results though for the locations. Hence, the point resolution is higherr than 55,5 x 43,6 right? How high is the (geographical) point resolution? How many points/cells are there for Germany (357021 km^2)?

I’m in need of lower geographical resolution than “point” but higher resolution than “country”. The resolution should be around 100-1000 cells for Germany (e.g. 19x19 - 60x60). Is there a way of including an intermediate resolution on for each country / splitting each country into a reasonable amount of data points and make this accessible for the community? If not, how could I calculate something like that myself?

I’d be thankful for any help!


Regarding your last question, I have done the same for Catalonia and I used the Virtual Wind Farm tool You can specify your own wind farm locations or give some grid points. Then run a simulation for each cell containing those points.

Thanks a lot Hector, I appreciate you help!