Splitting wind load factors in on/offshore

Very valuable tool! Checked results with some known production data from wind turbines and simulated results are close to measured (+/- 5% an annual avg load factor).

I would like to split results in on/off shore load factors. Seems that I need the Virtual Wind model in order to do so.

Can the model used to produce the downloadable results be found somewhere? Or is there another solution to fix this?

Hi Nick,

Thanks - I’m glad you’re finding the service useful.

If you are talking about the country-aggregate data that we have in the downloads section, then we are planning to split this into onshore and offshore soon, as it’s an obvious distinction that people are interested in.

If you know the locations of the farms you wish to simulate, you could perhaps use the API to gather data on all the onshore locations; then separately on all the offshore ones. We’re also developing some code to help automate this task - so that it’s easier for people to conduct their own large-scale studies covering lots of locations.

Kind regards,

Hi Nick,

Just to follow up again - the new version 1.1 of our European country downloads now has the wind data split into onshore and offshore. And secondly, if you’d like to use the VWF model (the wind model that goes behind the renewables.ninja) then it is finally now available opensource on Github.