Wind turbine with low cut in speed and output

Hi Iain,

Could you please accommodate in with one or two wind turbine which have relatively small output, probably less than 250 kW which would be suitable for low wind speed? Because for some region such as in Indonesia and other equatorial countries, we mostly have quite low resources, around 3 - 5 m/s.

Thank you so much,



Hi Yusak,

We are happy to incorporate new power curves into the, and today we updated it to contain 121 models.

If you would like a specific model including, could provide the power curve data in table form? Ideally, this needs to be the measured power output in increments of 0.5 or 1 m/s. It would need to be verifiable data also (so we can ensre the integrity of the software) - so ideally the data should come direct from the manufacturer or a testing agency.

If you can identify a turbine model and provide this data, we can include it to aid with your research.

Kind regards,